Taylor Swift Costume Ideas: “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space”


With all of Taylor Swift’s hits over the past year, her music videos (and 1989 tour) are rife with ideas for incredible costumes. In the past, we’ve done looks based on “Shake It Off,” “22” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but this year, we’re going all out.

First up: Bad Blood. Your entire squad could dress up as the video’s endless cameos, from Lily Aldridge’s furry-hooded Frostbyte to Jessica Alba’s motorcycle-gear-clad Domino character. We’re focusing on Tay Tay’s look though.

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Costume:

Taylor Swift Costume Idea, via CollegiateCook.com

The swoop of that dramatic eyeliner is key to nailing this look. A few rogue explosions to go off behind you everywhere you go don’t hurt, either.


Second, we have “Blank Space.” There are so many great looks, just for everyday living, if you happen to attend cocktail parties and formal galas all the time (those gowns — are you kidding me?!). But, for Halloween, the most fun look is all-out crazy.

Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Costume:



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