8 Back-to-School Necessities for Food Lovers

Dormify "But First, Coffee" Pillow

Dormify "But First, Coffee" Pillow

It seems way too early to be thinking about going back to campus (though some of us have never left — uh, yay summer classes?), but since the stores have started stocking up, we couldn’t resist doing a little early shopping. Based on what’s hitting store shelves, it seems there’s never been a better time to wear your love of pizza on your sleeve. Or on your backpack.

These items are somewhere between awesome and absurd, but one thing’s for sure: They’re definite conversation starters.

Gypsy Warrior Brunch bag
Gypsy Warrior

Because you might as well start saving now. “Brunch Money” bag, $12; Gypsy Warrior

PINK Popsicle Phone Case
Victoria’s Secret/Amazon

Because it reminds you of summertime. You know, those glory days when exams weren’t a thing. (Unless you took summer classes, in which case, sorry.) Victoria’s Secret PINK Popsicle Phone Case for the Samsung Galaxy series, $3; Amazon OR the version for the iPhone 6, $3; Amazon


Pizza backpack, Target


Because you already spend that econ lecture daydreaming about pizza, so you might as well have something delicious to stare at while you do it. JanSport Pizza Backpack, $35; Target.com

How donuts get sprinkles poster, Amazon.com

Because you deserve a good laugh every now and then, and this is way better than that generic Animal House poster everyone else has. Or “Keep Calm and…” anything. “How Donuts Get Sprinkles” Print, $15; Amazon


"But First, Coffee" pillow by Dormify

Because your roommate needs to know that she can’t be all Miss Mary Sunshine before you’ve had at least a cup and a half. “But First, Coffee” Pillow, $29; Dormify.com


Ice Cream Purse, ModCloth

Because all of your money that isn’t going toward brunch is going toward ice cream anyway, right? “Soft Serve You Well” Purse, $40; ModCloth

Champion Keds - Pineapple Print shoes

Because it’s hard to have a bad day when you’ve got these cheery, pineapple-speckled kicks on. Champion Picnic Pineapple Sneakers, $30; Keds

Pizza Pool Float, Amazon

Because you need something comfortable to lounge on while…studying. Pizza Pool Float, $12; Amazon


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  1. Jeremy says: Reply

    The pizza bag is pretty wild … don’t think I could pull it off though!

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