2014 Dorm Decorating Ideas

2014 dorm decorating ideas from CollegiateCook.com

2014 dorm decorating ideas from CollegiateCook.com

Shopping for your dorm room can easily veer in one of two directions: a crazy mashup of tastes that doesn’t really go together, or so matchy-matchy that you seem one fluffy toilet-seat cover shy of becoming a Stepford Wife. We want to help, so we’ve culled some of the best advice we’ve heard over the years, as well as a few inspiration boards to get you started.


Hope these 2014 dorm decorating ideas inspire you (and if they don’t, try our 2013 edition):


2014 dorm decorating ideas - sophisticated style (via CollegiateCook.com)


2014 dorm decorating ideas, boho style



2014 dorm decorating ideas: Modern style


Tips that Make the Whole Decorating Thing a Bit Easier:

You can’t paint the walls, so why not make a bold color statement with your comforter — or a massive tapestry hung on one wall? A 9-foot-by-9-foot box deserves a focal point (something’s gotta distract from those offwhite cinderblock walls), so start with that. If you go bold with bright bedding, tone down the art on the walls, and vice versa. And when you’re choosing colors, ask yourself this: What mood do I want to feel in this room?

Sounds cheesy, we know, but it makes a huge impact on the shades you choose. Brighter colors tend to be energizing, but for some people, they can be anxiety inducing. If you’re more into relaxation, go for paler, more subdued hues. The more saturated the color, the more in-your-face the color seems. (Also, if you’re struggling to figure out what colors to go with, let your comforter or art set the tone: the two most dominant colors can be your primary and secondary shades — make sure they’re both cool tones or both warm tones — and choose a splash of color that’s the opposite of those. So, for ex: If you’re going with a cool blue and a cool gray, try a pop of warm, sunny yellow.)

From there, go with what you love. Seriously. It’s easy to get caught up in rules, rules, rules and create a room that looks catalog-chic…and so inauthentic that it’s just not you. If you don’t love where you live, what’s the point of all this decorating mumbo jumbo?

The Ultimate Space Savers and Life Organizers:



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  1. Jeremy says: Reply

    It just takes a few key buys to turn a dungeon-like dorm room into a palace … many of the above achieve this effect!

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