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Guts costume ideas - Photo: Nickelodeon/Giphy

The ’90s were the golden — err, radioactive slime green? — era of Nickelodeon TV. Legends of the Hidden Temple, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Double Dare, What Would You Do?, Angry Beavers — with that lineup, it’s not surprising the company created a separate TV channel that continuously replays all of its classic shows. (It’s called Splat, in case you’re curious.) One of the most obsessively watched shows during that time, though, was Guts. It pitted kids from across the country, and in the case of Global Guts, around the world, in an Olympics-meets-gym-class-style competition. It was reality TV at its peak — pre-Teen Mom and Paris Hilton — and it also happens to make for a great costume.

Photo: Nickelodeon/YouTube

Think about it: It’s comfortable, it gives you an excuse to pit your friends into bizarre challenges all night long (because obviously, you’ve got to answer, Do, do ya have it?!), and you instantly spark throwback conversations wherever you go.

Bonus points if you create your own glowing piece of the Agro Crag. Holding the trophy = owning the bragging rights to your epic tale of how you conquered the competition.


(Thanks to this incredible duo for giving us inspiration for this great costume choice. ¬†Nate spotted them at NYC Comiccon… he was dressed as Mr. Robot)

Guts Costume:

Guts Costume - Collegiate Cook

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