Mr. Robot Costumes

Everything you need to be Mr. Robot for Halloween: Please tell me you are seeing this too.

We are completely obsessed with Sam Esmail’s Mr Robot. And why shouldn’t we be: The acting is fantastic (READ: Award-winning), the story makes your question your own susceptibility to being hacked by some Anonymous-type hacker rebellion, and the unreliable narrator makes you constantly ask yourself ‘What the #$%@! is going on?!’ in the best sort of way.

Mr. Robot Halloween Costume

That’s why we’ve selected Elliot Alderson and Mr. Robot as two of Collegiate Cook’s top choices for #Halloween16 costume inspiration.  Here’s what you’ll need.

Elliot Costume

Mr. Robot Costume Ideas - Collegiate Cook

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot Costume Ideas - Collegiate Cook

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  1. […] (Thanks to this incredible duo for giving us inspiration for this great costume choice.  Nate spotted them at NYC Comiccon… he was dressed as Mr. Robot) […]

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