• Mediterranean Feta & Ground Turkey Orzo

    Greek Feta Orzo Recipe, CollegiateCook.com

    This dish started out as a side, but it’s such a scene-stealer that the leftovers immediately became my entire meal. I had received a few cans of Redpack diced tomatoes, and after loving how fresh they tasted, I decided I wanted a new way to cook with them (beyond my go-to recipes, pulled pork and […]

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  • Easy Homemade Biscuits

    Easy homemade biscuits by Samantha Trueheart

    By Samantha Trueheart You don’t have to be a University of Tennessee student to appreciate a great homemade biscuit, and this four-ingredient wonder recipe hits the spot. Samantha learned this recipe from her roommate’s boyfriend, and it’s been passed down to the women in his family from his great-grandmother (so you know it’s got to […]