• Starbucks Costume Ideas

    Photo: Starbucks/Facebook

    Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Starbucks has cemented itself in American culture. There’s a siren-logoed store on every street corner, and in many circles, it’s officially fall the moment the chain releases the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Combine that with the rainbow drink craze that had people everywhere Instagramming their coffee breaks […]

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  • Stranger Things Costume Ideas

    Photo: Stranger Things/Netflix

    There was a point this summer when it seemed like everybody was talking about Stranger Things. If you hadn’t watched it, you needed to, just to understand every cryptic reference to demogorgons, the number 11, and perhaps most confusingly, Eggo waffles. At least, that’s what happened to us, and halfway through the first episode, we […]

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  • Mr. Robot Costumes

    Everything you need to be Mr. Robot for Halloween: Please tell me you are seeing this too. We are completely obsessed with Sam Esmail’s Mr Robot. And why shouldn’t we be: The acting is fantastic (READ: Award-winning), the story makes your question your own susceptibility to being hacked by some Anonymous-type hacker rebellion, and the unreliable narrator […]

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  • Hello, Halloween ’16!

    Guess who’s back, back again?! As popular as certain recipes are on Collegiate Cook, this site is arguably even better known for its 3-week tribute to All Hallows Eve, and this year is no different. For the next 15 weekdays, hit us up to get fresh costume and recipe ideas to make Halloween ’16 better […]

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  • Snapchat Ghost Costume

    Whether you love the app or are absolutely convinced it’s what those punk youths use to do the sexting with each other, one thing’s for sure: Snapchat is a huge part of our cultural conversation. Everyone’s buzzing about it, which makes the costume a natural icebreaker. It’s the perfect thing to wear to a party […]

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  • Saved By the Bell Costume Ideas

    Saved by the Bell costume ideas

    Last summer, an off-Broadway spoof/musical of Saved By the Bell reintroduced me to a show I rarely ever watched — and suddenly wondered why I hadn’t. (Aside from being far too consumed by my love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck during those formative years.) The cheesy one-liners! The Max hangouts! The time Jessie […]

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  • Donald Trump Costume

    The Apprentice brought The Donald into every American household, showing us all the man knows how to hire and fire people. This year’s Republican presidential debates showed us a whole new side of Donald Trump: One that made some people want to hire him to lead the Oval Office…and made many more wish he’d fire himself. […]