• Cozy Up with Roasted Broccoli Spaghetti

    Delicious and easy roasted broccoli spaghetti with meat sauce (Photo: Nathan Davison)

    If you’re like oh, pretty much everyone, you’ve probably resolved to live a little healthier this year, whether that means eating out less, hitting the gym more, sneaking a few extra vegetables into your diet, or some combination of the three. Often, ‘eating healthy’ turns into salad, salad and more salad. And the occasional broth-based […]

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  • Mediterranean Feta & Ground Turkey Orzo

    Greek Feta Orzo Recipe, CollegiateCook.com

    This dish started out as a side, but it’s such a scene-stealer that the leftovers immediately became my entire meal. I had received a few cans of Redpack diced tomatoes, and after loving how fresh they tasted, I decided I wanted a new way to cook with them (beyond my go-to recipes, pulled pork and […]

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  • Bacon-Cheddar Frittata Cups Recipe

    Noon games = brunch watch parties. Really, there’s no better way to ease into the weekend than inviting a bunch of people over (face paint optional, but highly encouraged) to cheer, shout and cringe over a pile of bacon, fresh fruit and mimosas. Figuring out what to make for said crowd can be tricky: You […]

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  • Creamy Ranch Chicken Pasta

    If this recipe seems like it’s gone too far — bacon + chicken + ranch seasoning + pasta, together in one bowl! — it’s because it has. It’s crossed the line, and it’s all “whatever, whatever, I do what I want.” And you know what? It has such a bacon-y, savory-yet-slightly-tangy flavor, it totally pulls off […]