Oversized utensils: Fun, but unnecessary.
Oversized utensils: Fun, but unnecessary.

Truly outfitting your kitchen — or that small corner of your dorm room that you’ve designated as such — can bring up a lot of questions. Thankfully, we’ve already answered them for you:

What appliances are okay for dorm use?

That, my friend, depends largely on which college or university you attend, but for the most part, any appliances with an open coil — like toasters, Panini Presses or George Foreman grills — are forbidden. Microwaves are usually okay, provided that they don’t exceed 1,000 watts, and mini-fridges must typically take up less than 4.5 cubic feet of space (check the box before buying).

Because of most residence halls’ stringent rules, cooking at home can be a little tricky. That’s why a lot of our dorm recipes involve unconventional tools, like irons (which are okay at most schools).

Always check with your school before buying — or hauling to campus — anything, though.

What cooking supplies should I buy to outfit my dorm room?

This list may vary slightly depending on what your college or university allows, but these items are okay to use in most residence halls:

Note: You may notice that hot plates don’t make the list. That’s because most universities don’t allow them anymore. If you’ve got your heart set on using one, contact your Residence Hall Association or Resident Assistant to find out if you can use it.

… how about my apartment?

Now that you have a bit more culinary freedom (not to mention your own kitchen space!), here are a few essentials that we commonly use in our apartment-grade recipes:

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