• What to Bake When You’re Bored

    What to bake when you're bored - 38 ideas for when you don't know what to make

    Update: Jan. 12, 2016  Because this post has been so incredibly popular (particularly in the winter, when it’s too freaking cold to go outside!), we’ve updated and added EVEN MORE things to bake when you’re bored. *** Some days stretch into nowhere. When your usual go-to’s (lounging by the pool, reading a non-textbook, rewatching a […]

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  • Baking Mistakes that Lead to Subpar Cookies

      If you’ve ever wanted to throw out your oven because the “world’s best” cookie recipe was a dud the second time you tried it, you’re not alone. Sometimes, the tiniest changes can ensure you get a killer batch of cookies every single time. (And don’t worry, we won’t get tediously technical on you—maybe a […]