The #Halloween13 Is Back! Just In A New Place

Collegiate Cook may have been founded as a cooking blog for college students, but over the years, it’s seen its greatest traction every Oct. 1-31st, when the site spends anywhere from 13 to 15 days devoting every post to all things All Hallows Eve. Dubbed #Halloween13 (after its founding year, 2013, and the 13 original posts it inspired), our roundup of pop culture-related costumes and perfect-for-your-party recipes has been one of our favorite projects to date.

This year, we almost didn’t do it. Life got in the way, along with dozens of excuses. But we couldn’t leave you hanging. We’re psyched to announce #Halloween13’s coming back, although this year, it’s hosted on our sister site, Life Between Weekends.

As much as we’ve loved running Collegiate Cook, managing two sites — along with full-time jobs and other projects — we realized we couldn’t do both justice. At least not concurrently. So right now, we’re focusing our attention on LBW. That’s doesn’t mean Collegiate Cook is closed; it’s just on hiatus.

Hit up LBW Monday through Friday for a new post a day for the 13 days leading up to the 31st. Monday through Thursday posts will feature a fresh costume idea; Fridays will feature recipes so irresistible you may finally decide to host a party this year. (Just do it!) And if you need even more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our previous posts.

Happy Halloween!

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