Bob Ross Costume

Even if you only caught PBS when you lost the remote and had to manually flip through channels, you’ve heard of Bob Ross. The painter known for his “happy trees” and sheer ability to make every mountaintop, sunset and pine tree suddenly seem as easy as a light swoosh or two makes for one attention-getting costume. It’s also one that’s so easy to throw together you may already have everything you need in the back of your closet (everybody goes through a wannabe artist, right?). If you don’t, it’s simple enough to find all of the necessary costume components at just about any big-box store.

Then there’s the ultimate shortcut: Skipping the store and ordering everything online, just with a click of a button. We’ve got you.

Oh, and while you’re waiting for your artiste look to arrive, you can always stream the OG show (and pick up some new catchphrases to use on Halloween night) on Netflix.

Bob Ross Costume

Bob Ross Costume - Collegiate Cook

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