Hiddleswift Costume

Photo: Clevver News/YouTube

Hiddleswift — AKA the short-lived summer romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston — may be well over, but the relationship sparked enough of an Internet obsession that it deserves a place at your Halloween party. (You could go for a Kanye-Kim-Taylor squad costume, in light of their more recent beef, but let’s be real: Tay-ye costumes are so 2009, and it’s a narrative none of us ever wanted to be a part of, frankly.)

It’s the kind of couples costume you can have fun with, and — if the Washington Post‘s theory is correct — could be a little more relevant, should Swift unleash a secret album on the 23rd. Make that super-relevant, if Internet theories that the Hiddleswift relationship was all performance art, as some have suggested all of their outings (and the paparazzi photos that go with them) were part of elaborate music videos Swift was making to skewer how our society obsesses over celebrities. If this sounds like Illuminati-level theorizing, you’re not alone. And that’s why the costume’s too good to pass up.

But first, some inspo:

Hiddleswift Costume

Hiddleswift Costume - Collegiate Cook



Top Photo: Clevver News/YouTube

Fireworks Image: Kazuend / Unsplash

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