Trumpkin and the Incredible Hilk

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton costume ideas

It’s impossible to avoid politics — even on Halloween — during election years. The candidates are top of everyone’s mind, so naturally, they often inspire costume ideas (or spin-offs based on the news — remember Joe the Plumber back in 2008?). This year, however, the campaign trail has involved so much controversy that it’s starting to feel like a sideshow circus act, making it all the more apt to be lampooned with an array of Halloween costumes.

There will be plenty of Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps on Oct. 31st, and probably a few “sexy” ones too, but if you really want to stand out from the pack, have a little pun with the look.


Trump + Jack O’ Lantern = The Donald Trumpkin Costume

Donald Trump Pumpkin Costume - Collegiate Cook


Hillary Clinton + Hulk = The Incredible Hilk

Hillary Clinton Incredible Hilk Costume - Collegiate Cook

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