Spice Girls Costume Ideas

Every Halloween party needs a well-timed throwback — a conversation-starter that taps into your sense of nostalgia. The Spice Girls may have peaked in the late ’90s, but their songs are still impossible to get out of your head to this day, and their looks are immediately recognizable, making the pop group a perfect squad costume for Halloween. You could probably raid your closet — assuming you haven’t thrown anything away or donated a single article of clothing in the past 20 years — or scour a few thrift shops to copy their look.

However, if you don’t want to go on a weekend-long scavenger hunt to find pieces that work, you could just try these costume ideas, all culled from Amazon.

Ginger Spice:

Ginger Spice Costume - Collegiate Cook

Sporty Spice:



Baby Spice:

Baby Spice Costume - Collegiate Cook


Scary Spice:

Scary Spice Costume - Collegiate Cook


Posh Spice:

Posh Spice Costume - Collegiate Cook

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