Pokemon Costume Ideas

Pokemon Trainer Costume Ideas - Collegiate Cook

If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was — then you probably need to be playing Pokemon Go all day, every day, in order to keep up with the diehards who’ve been scouring the Earth, grinding Pidgeys and hitting the gym more often than the bros in your chem class (a very different kind of gym, but still). Sure, people aren’t as obsessed with the app as they were earlier this summer, but it’s still had enough of an impact on the world that it’s earned a spot on our top pop culture costumes for 2016.

It’s your call whether you go with more of an old-school anime vibe (and if so, bonus points if you can round up friends to be Brock, Misty and Team Rocket) or stick to the less ’90s-tastic, Pokemon Go trainer look. Either way, the real key to nailing this look is in the accessories. All you really need are some pokeballs and a Pikachu (either the backpack version below or a pet costume, provided your pet doesn’t simultaneously turn into a hellion who hates your guts and shivers in the corner for the rest of the night).


Pokemon Trainer Costume

Pokemon Trainer Costume Ideas - Collegiate Cook

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Pokemon Costumes - Collegiate Cook

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