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Sometimes, you need to break free of that mac & cheese, grilled chicken, spaghetti and salad rut. Sure, you totally crush those meals, but you can make them with your eyes closed, and frankly, they’re getting a little boring.

Thai¬†food is a refreshing alternative to pull you out of the same old, same old, but it can often mean buying a ton of new spices (which adds up fast), and involve such detailed instructions that you find yourself backing away slowly…to the comfort of your tried-and-true Easy Mac.

That’s why, when Far East Foods offered to send us some samples of their ready-to-eat curries, we jumped at the chance to try them. It’s basically a “just add meat and heat” operation, but we had to wonder: Could it possibly taste as good as takeout?

Far East Foods Chicken Curry (Photo: Nathan Davison)
Photos: Nathan Davison

We tried the Thai Panang Curry Simmer Sauce, which called for chopping up whatever meat you’d like into bite-sized pieces (we chose chicken, as you can see), sauteing it over medium heat until it’s thoroughly cooked — read: no longer pink or translucent anywhere — then pouring on the sauce and letting the mixture cook together. The sauce was studded with green beans and carrots, and when paired with the brand’s microwaveable fried rice, we had a full meal in minutes.

The sauce itself had a nice balance of sweet to spice, just like you’d expect from a mild curry. It’s a ridiculously fast way to get an impressive meal on the table, though if we make it again, we’ll saute some fresh vegetables and toss those in, too, just for added crunch.

Far East Foods Chicken Curry (Photo: Nathan Davison)

The verdict: Pretty delicious — and a great way to break up your weeknight dinner routine without spending a ton of cash or staying up all night cooking.

You can find most Far East Foods products at your local Walmart for about $2.50 per package.


Note: We were not compensated for this review, though we did receive a free sample of Far East Foods’ curries and fried rice.

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  1. Jeremy says: Reply

    Love Thai food … need to learn how to make it instead of waiting to go to Thailand to get the good stuff for cheap!

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