Snapchat Ghost Costume


Whether you love the app or are absolutely convinced it’s what those punk youths use to do the sexting with each other, one thing’s for sure: Snapchat is a huge part of our cultural conversation. Everyone’s buzzing about it, which makes the costume a natural icebreaker. It’s the perfect thing to wear to a party where you won’t know anyone (or hardly anyone), because just about every human being on the planet has a strong opinion on it.

Plus, you don’t have to invest much in the costume, and your look isn’t so over-the-top that if you show up and everyone’s pulling a Mean Girls and wearing little more than cat ears, you won’t feel too out of place. (At least not Lindsay Lohan levels of awkward.)

If you have any other ideas for capturing the look, comment below!

The Snapchat Ghost Costume:



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