“Empire” Costume Ideas

Empire Photos: Fox
Empire Photos: Fox
Empire Photos: Fox

The only thing more enjoyable than watching Cookie Lyon, the ex-wife of a drug dealer-turned-hip-hop mogul, plot to get half of her ex’s fortune is copying her fierce-yet-fabulous style. I mean, really. The woman knows how to rock a scowl and a red lip.

This could be a couple’s costume, with your guy dressing up as Lucious Lyon (AKA Terrence Howard, AKA the aforementioned ex). Here’s how to nail both looks:

The Cookie Lyon Costume:



The Lucious Lyon Costume:



Want even more costume ideas? Visit Collegiate Cook every weekday for the rest of our #Halloween15 ideas, where we’ll feature a costume idea or recipe so you can host a party that doesn’t suck (even if it’s really last-minute).

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