#Halloween13: Bob’s Burgers Costumes (Day 6)

Bob's Burgers costume ideas, CollegiateCook.com
Bob's Burgers costume ideas, CollegiateCook.com
Photo: Fox

Oh, Bob’s Burgers. You had us with your pun-erific Burger of the Week signs. Then cemented it with Linda’s “Porcelain Babies” song.

If you want to be comfortable — and not invest too much in your wares — we’ve found your ideal costume. Plus, it gives you an awesome excuse to rock a fake mustache or an incredible accent. Just listen to Linda say, well, just about anything.

Here’s how to get the look:


Gene as Beefsquatch:

Bob's Burgers Beefsquatch Costume via Collegiatecook.com
Bob’s Burgers Photo: Fox


Bob from Bob’s Burgers Costume:

Bob's Burgers Costume Ideas - CollegiateCook.com
Photo: Fox


Linda from Bob’s Burgers Costume:

Linda Belcher, Bob's Burgers Costume Ideas via CollegiateCook.com
Photo: Fox


Louise’s Bunny Ears:

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