#Halloween13: Robin Williams Costume Ideas (Day 2)

Mrs. Doubtfire - Robin Williams costume ideas


Mrs. Doubtfire - Robin Williams costume ideas
Photo: Mrs. Doubtfire

We almost didn’t write this post. We didn’t want to, because we didn’t want it to be misinterpreted. Halloween costumes based on a deceased celebrity can really go one of two ways: a lighthearted tribute to a favorite star or, more often than not, a tasteless joke on who the person died. And we’re really not interested in the latter.

Robin Williams has embodied so many incredible characters over the years, so these costumes are meant to honor his legacy and the joy he brought so many people. (In short, guys, please don’t pull a Bill-Maher-as-Steve-Irwin move.)

PS—Since we received comments that it’s much easier to one-stop shop online and buy everything from one trusted source—especially one with free shipping over $35—we tried to source as many options as possible from Amazon. If you preferred our previous posts, where we sourced items from all over the web, let us know! Our focus is always finding the very best quality, most realistic (and affordable) options possible, from sources that don’t seem shady.


Mrs. Doubtfire:

Mrs. Doubtfire costume ideas - Robin Williams costume


The Genie from Aladdin:

Aladdin "Genie" costume ideas
Genie Photo: Disney


Mork from Ork (of Mork & Mindy):

Popeye Costume:

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