#Halloween13: Guardians of the Galaxy Costume Ideas (Day 1)

Guardians of the Galaxy costume ideas
Guardians of the Galaxy costume ideas
Photo: Guardians of the Galaxy/Marvel

Chris Pratt basically became the male Jennifer Lawrence when Guardians of the Galaxy came out. You know, the guy everybody suddenly wanted to be friends with, who made us collectively go, “Oh, why haven’t we known about this guy already? He’s pretty funny!” (Unless you’re a hipster, in which case, you were all like, “Ugh. I hate that everybody feels like they’re discovering Chris Pratt now. I’ve liked him since way before he was even dating Anna Faris!”)

But let’s be real: The true scene-stealer was Groot, with the myriad emotions he expressed with just three small words: “I. Am. Groot.”

Whether you’re team Star-Lord, team Groot or more of a Gamora fan, we’ve got the Guardians of the Galaxy costume ideas you need:


Gamora Costume:



Star-Lord Costume:


Groot Costume:



Check in every weekday for the next 12 days to see all of the costume ideas in Collegiate Cook’s #Halloween13 series! (And be sure to comment or tweet if there are any looks you’d like us to track down.)

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