Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Someone Special (AKA You)

2014 Valentine's Day gift ideas

At some point, it strikes: “Oh shoot! Valentine’s Day is [next week/tomorrow/HAPPENING RIGHT NOW].” Usually, there’s one of two responses.
If you’re in a relationship: Panic, scramble, grab some drugstore chocolates, hope that’s good enough.
If you’re single: Panic, scramble, rent a rom com to mercilessly torture yourself with, scroll Instagram to further agonize over those jerks posting pictures of bouquets and candlelit dinners.

Maybe this year it’s time to give yourself a break. Maybe this is the year you treat yourself. And, if you’re attached, maybe this is the year you don’t settle on the first heart-shaped box of Russell Stovers that doesn’t look stomped on or pre-opened.

These gift ideas may help you plan a great night. We’re not saying perfect, because let’s be real: Imperfect gives you the best stories. It makes you laugh until you snort. Who doesn’t love laughing until you snort?

So however you spend V-Day, we hope you have a great one.

2014 Valentine's Day gift ideas Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

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  1. Jill Waterfall says: Reply

    With all the huss and fuss around Valentine’s Day, we all feel pressured by ads and friends that have fallen under their influence to have to be on a date, that it’s obligatory for a person to not be alone on Valentine’s.
    While that’s all great, I think that what’s way more important is to spend some time with ourselves and nurture the relationship we have with our mind and our body.
    This is a great article, definitely hit the nail on the head. We don’t need Valentine’s, we need to love and appreciate ourselves and our loved ones.

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