“What the…?” Wednesday: The “Sharknado” Costume (Day 12)

2013 Halloween Costume Ideas - Sharknado
Photo: SyFy

Some might call it absurd. We call it absurdly brilliant.

In honor of the SyFy film that took the Internet by storm, we bring you not one but TWO takes on the Sharnado costume. Proceed at your own risk. And cue “Eye of the Tiger(head Shark).”

Sharknado, Take One:

2013 Halloween Costume Ideas - Sharknado
Photo: SyFy

Dress up as a shark. Commence with the partying. When somebody comments on your costume, spin around in circles so they know that you, my friend, are not Jaws. You are a fiercely twirling Sharknado, churning with fury and, admittedly, foolishness.

Sharknado, Take Two:

2013 Halloween Costume Ideas - Sharknado

Follow this DIY and attach sharks to the outside using fishing wire — or, if you’re short on time and crafting skills, simply attach the sharks to a white/gray pants and top, and like Sharknado No. 1, get twirlin’.

Swing by tomorrow for the very last costume of our #Halloween13 series! It may not be the end to our Halloween fun, but it will be a costume to remember. For like, ever.

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  1. Nicole says: Reply

    This is my costume this year. I’m going to make it myself. Thank for the tips. Fantasy Fest is going to be awesome this year!

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