Want to taste autumn? Make this Pumpkin Stew.


If I told you to name “hearty” meals, what would come to mind first? Even without the prompting of this post title? Stews, of course! Especially those with meat. In fact, I’d never had a meatless stew before. It almost seemed pointless to me, really — a stew without meat? Isn’t that violating some lumberjack law?!

Luckily, my friend Julie showed me just how hearty — and obsessively good — an all-veggie stew could be. I see the error in my narrow-minded ways. Forgive me.

This one pot is like a raging house party for every fall flavor. Except for cranberry, I guess, but whatever, cranberry, you’ll get to shine in November when people jiggle jellied, can-shaped versions of you during their Thanksgiving dinners. Psh.

Pumpkin fanatics, it’s your favorite ingredient’s chance to shine in a savory dish. Pumpkin haters, prepare to be won over.

Let’s stew this.

Click here for the recipe, and if you’re not into spicy foods, Julie suggests cutting the chili powder down to 1 tablespoon. (The full amount is a tongue scorcher, unless you mix it with a hefty helping of rice!)

What to pair with your stew:


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