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Mac & Cheese Hacks
Loaded Baked Potato Mac & Cheese
Loaded Baked Potato Mac & Cheese; Photo: A Bullseye View, Target

Macaroni & Cheese: It’s a universal comfort food, and it comes in so many boxed (and microwaveable!) varieties that it’s usually one of the first meals we learn how to make. But that boxed stuff just doesn’t compare to your Mom’s recipe…even if your Mom’s recipe is straight from a box. (What voodoo magic to Moms put on mac & cheese that just makes it better when it’s from her hands anyway?!)

You don’t have to settle for subpar mac though. We’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you fun twists on the classic that will rock your microwave-safe bowl:

Microwaveable Mac, 9 Outlandishly Awesome Ways

Target’s Test Kitchens really outdid themselves. Not only did they come up with crazy flavor combinations (Loaded Baked Potato Mac, Coconut Curry Mac), but they also taste-tested and ranked them, so you can start off with the most beloved varieties. See all 9 here.

 Our Favorite Mac & Hack

A little shredded cheese and a crumble of Ritz crackers make super-cheap frozen mac taste homemade. For added flair, try topping with a few deli slices of a fancy, flavorful cheese (like smoked gruyere or truffle-infused gouda!) or stir in a few drops of your favorite hot sauce.

You Wanna Do Whaaaat With Rice Krispies?

It sounds crazy, but when you’re out of bread crumbs, equal parts plain Rice Krispies and shredded cheese can add a satisfying crunch you’ll crave.

For the from-scratch ambitious types

A three-ingredient, completely homemade mac & cheese? We’re so on board with this. The trick is boiling the noodles in milk for a creamier, richer flavor (really!).


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  1. You always have to add abit of grated cheese on to give it that extra bit of flavor and texture!

  2. […] it’s a great way to show off your cooking skills, even if you’re more stovetop macaroni than penne alla vodka. Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream (cookie dough if you’re feeling […]

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