5 Things to Love About June

Reasons to love June

I get way too excited about certain things. Like squeal-and-hug-people-for-no-reason-and-creep-them-out excited. June is full of ’em:

Erin Motz's 30-Day Yoga Challenge
Photo: Erin Motz

Erin Motz‘s 30-Day Yoga Challenge. I’ll be real: I haven’t been doing the workouts daily—and at 10-20 minutes per episode, I really have no excuse not to—but I plan on catching up, because starting my day with some deep stretches (and doing so in my PJs) makes my transformation from grunting zombie to grumbling human delightfully easy. (Did I mention it’s free?)

Bakerella Father's Day treats
Photo: Bakerella

A treat your Padre will appreciate more than the Singing Bass of ’01 (and he LOVED that thing). Your Dad treated you to Happy Meals as a kid, so why not return the favor this Sunday? This Father’s Day dessert from Bakerella is an absolute delight.

Defriended by Ruth Baron

Hitting the beach with a fun read, like Defriended. You guys, I have a thing for YA. (Don’t believe me? See my confession, up next.) So when I heard that my lovely, funny and so-freaking-witty coworker, Ruth Baron, was releasing a novel aimed for the under-20 set, I couldn’t wait to pick it up. Defriended will keep you guessing all the way through. Is it a catfishing scheme? Supernatural thriller? An extended and elaborate dream Ryan Murphy’s having as he plots the next Glee?

Pretty Little Liars, season 4
Photo: ABC Family

The return of Pretty Little Liars. I know, I know: the fourth season’s tangled plotline is almost as embarrassing as admitting this show is my guilty pleasure, but last summer, when there was little more than Thankskilling on Netflix, I got hooked. Ashley Benson’s Hanna? I wish I had one-liners like that. And a stylist/hair and makeup team to give me touchups throughout the day.

Vogue Goodness Video Screencap
Screencap of Vogue’s Goodness video series

Webisodes of Goodness with Elettra Wiedemann. Blake Lively and I may never bake brie en croute together, but this is the next best thing. Elettra’s short cooking tutorials for Vogue incorporate surprising confessions (Blake went to Disney jail!) and friendly competition (Seth Myers has a grilled cheese cookoff!), making these way more fascinating than your typical how-to video.

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