Cinna-meat Rolls (AKA Why You Need to Know Meghan Rose)

Bacon-Sausage Cinnamon Rolls by Meghan Rose (via

What can a skunk teach you about making crave-worthy cinnamon rolls? Everything you ever wanted to know and more.

Well, okay, the skunk doesn’t teach you how to bake—her uber-cool owner does—but she does make a guest appearance in the beginning. (Sorry Claire Robinson’s French Bulldog Newman, you have some major competition in the cuteness department, and her name is Isis.)

Inspired by Daily Grace’s Sin-Oh-Man Rolls, Meghan Rose creates her own bacon-and-sausage-spiked spirals of cinnamony glee, and if you’re immediately thinking, “Meat in cinnamon rolls?! Weird!” You’ve got to stop hating and remember the last time you had pancakes and a side of sausage. See how blissfully that combo worked? This does too.

Meghan breaks down the recipe in 3 1/2 funny, informative minutes. Watch, drool, and immediately subscribe to her YouTube channel, because we expect more innovative recipes (and knee-slappin’ commentary) in the very near future:

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