2013 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys

Non-Mushy Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

Wracking your brain to figure out what to get the guy in your life? Just a guy who doesn’t want to be left out this holiday simply because he’s single? No matter you’re situation, we’ve got ideas for you:


  1. A Movie Night In — Rent a few movies and prepare a box of classic theater treats: your favorite candies, old-school bottles of soda, and (bacon-flavored!) popcorn.
  2. A Surprise Homemade Dinner — Most restaurants are crowded, rushed, and just plain crazy on V-Day. Skip the chaos and whip up something yourself.
  3. A Game Night — Imagine telephone (yes, that he-said, she-said game from second grade) meets Pictionary: Telestrations will have people snorting, chortling and crying ugly tears of joy. It’s the perfect game for a group, but if you’re planning a one-on-one hangout, go for Scattergories or Jenga.
  4. Encourage A Passion Project — Has he ever expressed an interest in learning something? Whether it’s learning to play guitar, building an app or getting a business off the ground, there’s probably a course for it on Skillshare.
  5. Create A Bro-Box — You really can’t go wrong with chocolates. Or video games. Or Nerf guns. Create a goody bag of all of his favorite little indulgences. Earn extra “you’re so awesome!” points if you scatter them throughout his apartment and create a scavenger hunt to find them.
  6. A Change of Clothes, A Change of Life — We know, we raved about Sevenly in the women’s Valentine’s Day guide, but the company is well worth the extra attention (plus, the selection is just as great for guys!). Each week, the company features a new charity — and new clothing designs — and $7 from the sale of each item goes to that week’s cause.

…And if all of these sound lame, I’m told nothing says love like a PS Vita.

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