2012 Holiday Gifts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Great Gifts for Christmas 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

With the holiday season well underway, you’ve got some gift giving to do. And, if you don’t want A Christmas Story-esque pair of pink bunny pajamas, you’ll probably need to give Aunt Clara a wishlist. (It was hilarious in the movie; in real life, not so much.) We’ve made it nice and easy for you. Just email, print, or text this story to whoever you need to, or pull it up on your phone as you cross people off your Nice List.

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The Big Ask

Big Christmas gift ideas

We all do it. Every year, there’s just that irresistible item we just can’t live without. Okay, we can certainly live without it, but oh, how we’d squeal with glee if it came wrapped under our Christmas tree (or Hannukah bush). It’s a little out of the standard gifting price range, but you can’t help but dream of it. It’s your Red Rider BB Gun, for Ralphie’s sake!


The Secret Santa

2012 Secret Santa and Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Inevitably, you’ll attend at least one — maybe as many as 3 or 4 — Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges. It’s normal, and so is the internal debate over what to give. From a cozy knit headband that protects the wearer’s ears from the biting cold to a cookbook that makes deciding on dinner almost as easy as visiting Collegiate Cook (shameless plug: you could always pen our URL in the inside cover!), these finds will have people fighting over your gift.

Gifts for Besties, BFs and GFs

Gift ideas for boyfriends, girlfriends or BFFs

They’ve been with you through it all, so why not spoil them just a little bit? Plus, half these gifts are shareable, so you’ll enjoy them too. (Bonus!)


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