Glee’s Jane Lynch Helps You Figure Out Your Life

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Glee‘s Sue Sylvester probably wouldn’t make a great guidance counselor. As the abrasive head coach of the McKinley High School cheerleading squad (AKA the Cheerios),her approach would be pretty direct: stomp on your ambitions as if they were a roach skittering near her sneakers. Then insult you for some hygenic issue (be it pale skin, excessive hair-gel use or a curvy figure), and send you on your way, broken and defeated.

Photo: Fox

Thankfully, actress Jane Lynch is nothing like that. She’s supportive, yet realistic. Here’s what she had to say about figuring out your life, surviving college and getting ahead, courtesy of U4U Magazine:


Emily Gilfillan: Your memior, Happy Accidents, comes out in September. What do you hope people will take away after reading it?

Jane Lynch: I was one of those people, especially when I was your age, who had a lot of anxiety and was very afraid that my dreams wouldn’t come true. And one of the things I want to pass on, especially to kids your age, is that emotional suffering is optional and it doesn’t help you get closer to your goals. One of my favorite television shows growing up was The Brady Bunch, and at the very end of my book are the words of Carol Brady: “find what you do best and do your best with it.” It’s always a good idea to find out where your talents lie. We waste a lot of time wanting to be a doctor, and we’re not good at math and science. Find the thing that you love to do and let that inspire what you do for a living.

EG: Sometimes, you just have to realize that whatever will happen will happen, and you just can’t stress.

JL: No, you can’t. You just have to enjoy what you’re doing and do your best with it. I know that sometimes things aren’t enjoyable and then you have to make sure you’re doing your best. You always give it your best shot, and say yes to everything.

EG: Did you enjoy your time in college?

JL: I did, especially once I started doing theater. I went to college as a mass communications major, because my mother didn’t want me to major in theater. She wanted me to do mass communications and theater adjacent. So, I wasn’t very happy with my college career academically the first year. Then, by my sophomore year, I was totally into theater, and I got a scholarship and I started doing plays. For the first time in my life, I was getting A’s — I was very much a C student before that — because I found what I love. That’s when you do your best.

To read the complete interview, along with other articles about college life, check out Barnes & Noble’s U4U Magazine. And, if you’re preparing for Glee‘s season premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 20th, we’ve got your menu covered:

  • Coconut Chocolate Cheerios Treats — Even Sue Sylvester would have trouble finding fault with these!
  • Grilled Cheesus — Remember when Finn found God…in a sandwich? Butter one side of a slice of bread. Then, for the second slice, butter only in the shape of a person (in this case, Jesus). Assemble the sandwich using your favorite cheese (with the buttered sides facing outward). Then grill it in a frying pan until the cheese has melted. The butter gives it that golden color, so your sandwich should have a tanned, toasted figure on one side. Crazy, right?
  • “Social Hierarchy” Strawberry Slushies — At McKinley High, nothing reminds a person of his place in the cafeteria quite like a slushy to the face. It’s become a Glee classic. (Plus, if you add a scoop of protein powder to the mix, you have Sue Sylvester’s energy shake.)
  • Rachel’s “I’m Sorry” Cookies — Save time by buying premade dough, along with white and pink frosting (in the cake aisle). If they don’t have ’em, pour a few drops of red food coloring into a container of white frosting. Stir it together, gradually adding more until you have the perfect pastel pink.

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