Mastering the Basics: Quick & Easy Grilled Steak

grilled steak

You may not own a barbeque grill — heck, you may not have the backyard for one — but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a lean, grilled steak every once in a while. I like to slice up leftover steak and add strips to salads, toss in quesadillas, and serve in paninis. All you need is a George Foreman grill and 15 minutes of your time.

Utensils required: George Foreman grill (or similarly styled kitchentop grill), gallon-size resealable bag, fork, cutting board, steak knife


– 1 London broil steak (thinner cuts will also work; grill closer to 9 minutes then)

– 1 bottle of teriyaki sauce, steak rub or marinade of your choice

– dash of salt/pepper (to taste)

Time commitment: 15 minutes to prepare, 2-3 hours to marinate


1. Marinate the steak in the sauce of your choice, and place it in a resealable bag. Zip it shut, and place the bag in the fridge for two to three hours so the steak can really absorb the marinade’s flavors.

2. Afterward, take the steak out of the bag, set it on the George Foreman grill and close the lid. Make sure the drip pan in underneath so the fat and other juices don’t spill on your countertop!

3. Let the steak cook for 9-11 minutes. Then, carefully open the lid and cut the steak in half. Check to see how pink the inside is, and whether the steak is completely cooked. (It shouldn’t be a translucent, deep red anymore — a dark pink is okay though.) Keep grilling until it reaches your desired darkness. Just so you know, the less pink the broil is, the tougher the meat will be.

NOTE: London broils are very thick, so it is common for the inside to remain pretty pink no matter what (see photo). If you try to cook the entire steak so it’s well done, slice it into smaller pieces — otherwise you’ll end up with crusted, hard edges.

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