Buffalo ranch chicken wraps

099Here’s a quick meal to grab when you’re on the go, or to prepare early in the day and eat as you’re dashing between classes.

Utensils required: oven/microwave (optional)


1 bag soft tortillas

2 tablespoons shredded cheese (per wrap)

1 bag pre-cooked, sliced grilled chicken (near bagged salads or deli meats in grocery store) OR 1 bag of frozen, breaded chicken (in the chicken section of the frozen meats aisle)

1 bottle buffalo wing sauce

1 bottle ranch sauce

1 head of romaine or iceberg lettuce

Time commitment: 5-20 minutes, depending on how it’s prepared


1. Follow the directions on your frozen, precooked chicken if you’re using the breaded kind. If you’ve got the grilled, prepacked chicken strips, skip to step 2.

2. Place a tortilla on a plate, and chop up a leaf or two of lettuce for each wrap.

3. Place a thin layer of lettuce on top of the tortilla before adding a chicken strip or two on top, depending on the strip’s size/thickness.

4. Sprinkle on the cheese, along with about a tablespoon of ranch dressing and buffalo sauce.

5. Add a bit more lettuce on top, so the chicken is largely covered.

6. Flip the bottom part of the tortilla over one end of the chicken strip(s), then roll it up. You can use a little bit of ranch dressing to help seal the wrap and hold everything in place.

How to prepare this in the dining hall: On any day when they’re serving chicken strips, grab one or two and then head to the sandwich-prep area, or the Spanish food section, depending on how your dining hall is organized. Ask for a tortilla or flatbread for your wrap, then visit the salad bar for ranch dressing, lettuce and shredded cheese. Sub out the buffalo sauce for hot sauce if you can’t get it at the cafeteria, and prepare your wrap according to the directions.

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